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When I’ve finished working on a project, I seek feedback from my clients. They have been kind enough to offer insight into our work together.

Here’s what you can expect should you decide to work with me.

Our Working Relationship

"Lori Smith is insightful, tactful, makes you think and she is fun to work with. Lori is knowledgeable about leadership, current, and provides a level of integrity that is hard to find in a consultant. Lori has really made a difference in the leadership effectiveness of over 40 key leaders in our organization. They respond to her teaching style and highly respect her. She goes out of her way to customize education to meet the company needs. Lori takes the time to learn what is important to the CEO and how to support organizational goals. Lori is our professional leadership coach."

Jolene Roberts, President/CEO

Hillcrest Health Services

"It was my distinct pleasure to work with Lori as I was evolving a human resource department to include many new OD practices. What I appreciated about Lori was the partnership. She was intent on doing what was right for the business and did not present a cookie cutter solution.

Through very comfortable collaboration, we drew on each other’s strengths and perspectives to create well thought out programs for employee development, performance management, talent management and employee engagement. She met us where we were and helped us develop an effective path for success."

Paul Knutson, former VP HR,

Corporate Communications & Facilities Management

Oriental Trading Co.

Planning and Meeting Facilitation

"Lori delivered full-service facilitation of our retreat...from the pre-planning, to the pre-work communications, and her command of the environment while facilitating the retreat. Her services allowed me the opportunity to engage at a high level with my team as Lori took care of the orchestration of the event. Lori's professionalism, ability to deal with ambiguity, and her tact in pulling the group conversations back to the task at hand are all admired."

Brent Dillinger

CEO, Crossroads of Western Iowa

Using the Everything DiSC Assessment

"I have found the Disc Assessment to be a great tool both professionally and personally. It has helped me to understand others better and recognize that my approach does not work for everyone. The more I use it the better I have become at adapting my communication style to help manage the situation or to coach others more effectively. I carry the pocket size interaction guide with me everywhere I go!"

Martha Zubke

Director, Human Resources

Hillcrest Health Systems

More Participant Reactions from a Recent Leadership Series

"I have found looking at the DiSC Styles the most valuable thus far. When looking at my interactions with staff, I find myself looking at the “style” and how I can best communicate with them so they feel motivated…"

"The DiSC assessment is a great framework to enable better communication and better delegation of tasks. I have used the concepts from the DiSC multiple times in how I have led individual meetings…."

"The DiSC report has been most valuable to me thus far. It has helped me understand myself and others. I’m thinking through the style of the person I’m interacting with and working to deliver my message based on that style…"

"I am really enjoying my new found knowledge of the DiSC styles! It really makes a difference in how I approach, perceive and communicate with others. I’m using it everyday at work in my communication with my peers. It has made a huge difference in one particular relationship at work. I am now aware of why this person’s behavior is this way and what / how I can approach, communicate and work through things."

Team Development

"I didn't really know what to expect, but I am very pleased with the change we have experienced in the office. Lori was very professional and helpful throughout this process; I really appreciate our working relationship."

Tricia Freeman

Chief Deputy

"The value was in the end result. My team left this retreat with a better focus of our purpose and feeling like as a team we can support each other better as a result of our team development efforts."

Cindy Klein, VP of Operations

Hillcrest Health Services

Why Capstone?

The purpose of Capstone Coaching & Consulting, Inc. is to collaborate with organizational leaders to create a place where team members can do their best work.

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