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Train the Trainer: Working One-on-One

Trainers and Subject-Matter-Experts working one-on-one have a vital role in the organization. They help welcome new team members and are responsible for giving the instruction, guidance and feedback needed to help team members perform their job effectively.

The Train-the-Trainer: Working One-on-One workshop is designed to help trainers and subject matter experts develop the core skills and knowledge needed to be successful. This may be a person who is in a full-time training capacity or a subject-matter-expert tasked with helping others learn what they know.

This is an active and fast paced workshop. The first day uses a variety of exercises and approaches designed to give the participant access to a significant amount of information pertaining to their role.

The second half day is a time for participants to practice the techniques, approaches and principles learned in day one while receiving feedback about their work.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the importance of the Trainer’s role in the successful on-boarding of employees.
  2. Apply adult learning principles and knowledge of learning styles and the learning process when educating team members new to their job or role.
  3. Use effective listening and questioning skills when working with team members new to their job or role.
  4. Employ effective ways to work with new team members in the education process.
  5. Learn an approach to use when providing positive or constructive feedback to team members.
  6. Use on-boarding guides and related materials to prepare for and educate team members new to their job or role.
  7. Demonstrate the desired approach to educating team members, helping them learn core tasks and functions in their new job or role.
  8. Begin developing a support network with individuals in this role across the organization.

Workshop Length: Day one: 8 hours, Day two: 4 hours

Target Audience: Anyone in the organization who works one-on-one with individuals in the on-boarding or on-the-job training process. Perfect for subject-matter-experts who do not have any background in education.

Interested in Using this Workshop in Your Organization?

This workshop can be facilitated by Capstone Coaching & Consulting or purchased to facilitate internally to your organization.

Purchase of license for this course includes:

  • Facilitator guide in a completely customizable PowerPoint format
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Participant Workbook in MS Word
  • One set of support materials for activities

For more information about the course and customization information, contact Capstone Coaching & Consulting at 402-670-0689.

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