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Customized 360 Assessments

Organizations are changing the way they solicit and give feedback to leaders. The current model for development feedback turns to people who know the most about how the leader is performing, gaining insights from peers, customers and direct reports in addition to the traditional model of boss and self.

Feedback from multiple sources has a more powerful impact on a leader’s development than information from a single source.

So the term 360 feedback refers to getting information about your performance from others around you.

Capstone Coaching & Consulting has used 360 Assessment and Feedback to help leaders gain insight about their greatest strengths and opportunities.

Lori has developed a process that mitigates the risks involved with conducting 360 assessments and maximizes the benefits.

The big benefit to the feedback receiver is an opportunity to gain candid feedback to help them make informed and high-impact decisions about where to focus development energy to get results.

The benefit to the organization includes better focused leadership development efforts and ultimately more effective leaders.

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This assessment service is priced by the project.

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