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Custom Designed Learning Solution

Capstone Coaching & Consulting offers a custom designed learning solution alternative when your need is specific to your organization and no other solution will work.

Our collaboration and partnership model employs effective teamwork with a sound instructional design process. The end result is a customized, highly interactive learning solution created in partnership.

Learning and Development Approach

We believe that adults need and deserve to be actively engaged in the learning process. We strive to achieve the 75/25 rule, with 75% of the time spent engaging the learner in an active learning process and 25% or less time spent in lecture or presentation. We accomplish this by using a variety of activities, delivery methods and application exercises. The final product is a collaborative effort, designed step-by-step with our customer.

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Why Capstone?

The purpose of Capstone Coaching & Consulting, Inc. is to collaborate with organizational leaders to create a place where team members can do their best work.

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