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Talent Management

Are you ready? Do you have the next level of leadership identified in your organization? One of the greatest challenges for organizations is balancing present and future need for leaders and other specialized skill sets.

Lori has worked with business leaders to systematically evaluate the talent within a target group, understand their aspirations for the future and use that information in an approach to determine current and future talent needed to move the organization forward.

She can equip your leaders to coach and develop high-potentials and facilitate assessment and coaching processes to help bring out their best.

Lori works with you to define your need and create a process customized for you.

Talent Management often involves:

  • Preparing leaders and target group members to participate in the process
  • Assessing members of the target group
  • Reviewing and calibrating talent among members of management teams
  • Identifying high-potentials
  • Preparing leaders to coach and develop
  • Planning for development
  • Providing feedback and follow-up

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The purpose of Capstone Coaching & Consulting, Inc. is to collaborate with organizational leaders to create a place where team members can do their best work.

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